A Programming Pet Peeve

A few days ago, I was driving listening to our local radio station. A song ends and out of the blue, hitting me in the face is a public service announcement then on comes the next song. No Id. no introduction......nothing! This is just plain very bad programming.

Learning programming consistency throughout my whole career, it annoys me to hear programming elements that sound like no one cares. There was a small country station that use to do this in north Jersey which drove me nuts. I would change the dial immediately. The station is now off the air.

I always stress imaging-----imaging-----imaging. "Who are you?" "What Do You Do?" "Who are your Listeners?" These are the questions programmers need to ask themselves. Lots of them don't have a clue!!

I don't want to toot my own horn but every single text, e-mail or even voice mail I get regarding my station, there is not a single person who EVER gets the station name wrong. They know who we are and what we do. Why? Because our imaging is constant and consistent!

So don't hit me in the face with some crappy PSA out of the blue----because as my partner always says "you're off the air!"