Now Album for Jon Bon Jovi

Here's the latest from RTT News regading Jon Bon Jovi's new album.

Jon Bon Jovi has announced that his band's upcoming new album will be titled Bon Jovi: 2020.

The rocker revealed the title on board the Runaway to Paradise Mediterranean Cruise. Explaining the choice of the title, Bon Jovi said he had a "clear vision" after the band's previous album, 2016's This House is Not For Sale.

"The meaning behind it - there's the obvious: It's an election year and I couldn't do any worse," Bon Jovi said at an intimate Q&A session during the Runaway to Paradise concert cruise.

"And I also have clear vision. This House Is Not for Sale dealt with a lot of personal matters, and now it's behind us," he added. "So, 2020 - of course, it's an election year, but more importantly it's that I have clear vision going forward."

Bon Jovi added that the album will feature more "socially conscious" themes, including songs about veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and the recent shootings in Ohio and Texas.

"I think I'm very happy with it," he said. "I've written a bunch of songs that are very different. Don't expect '[You Give Love a] Bad Name.' This is a socially conscious record."

Although it's unknown when the new album will drop, it will probably drop next year as the title suggest.