Facing A Decision --Disco or No disco

Internet radio has a great advantage over terrestrial radio. It allows us to see how well each day part does. It even shows us which songs or segments are a "turnoff" for the audience.

Edgewater Gold Radio's classic disco show has been airing for over a year now. The show features real classic disco from the 70s and early 80s. This includes all of the radio classic disco hits as well as lots of club mixes as well. Statistics show that Edgewater Gold Radio's audience sticks around when the disco radio hits are played but drops away when club mixes are added in.

My dilemma is should I drop the entire program and add in something else or should I modify the current program? I am polling people on social media and asking for their preferences. Right now I am leaning toward modifying the program a bit to include more familiar radio disco hits. That will probably be my first approach. I think our disco show is a good one and covers and important error of music that we really don't hear anymore. We'll see what the results are before I make a final decision.

When changing a program, programmers should analyze the reason for doing so. As a friend and listener said, "why change something that isn't broken?" Too many programmers do this without doing the research first.