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Triggering Great Memories

Almost every song we grew up with has a memory or two attached to it. Music is a transport device that takes us back to hopefully a great time in our lives. The other day, I heard Conquistador by Procol Harum on my station Edgewater Gold Radio. It took me back to the Summer of 1972 when I was in the car with a few friends and we were on our way to discover the beaches of Rhode Island. We always drove to the New Jersey shore in the Summer so we figured that we would try something new and take the drive to Rhode Island. Conquisador played several times on the radio throughout the day.

We all had a great time, driving, sitting on the beach and eating. The memory of that day is still alive and and it gives me a good feeling every time I hear Conquistador.

Music triggers memories and that's my main goal at Edgewater Gold Radio. Nothing pleases me more when I hear from listeners telling me " wow you played such in such, I haven't heard that song in years and it really brings back great memories for me!" That says it all, that tells me I'm doing my job. I'm making people happy through great music that brings back great memories? What's your stations goal?

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