Programmers Should Always Be Tweeking

Programmers of radio stations should never get too complacent. Fine tuning should always be included in a station programmers day. Complacency breeds boredum and stagnation. Small changes always keep the programing fresh.

Recently I added a new program to Edgewater Gold Radio. It's called Nightmemories and features a softer blend of oldies mixed with popular standards. The program currently airs from 9pm to 5am weeknights.

After listening to the show for a couple of weeks now, I've decided to change the time that it airs. As of Wednesday, it will air only between 9pm and 12 mid. Regular programming will resume after midnight. Here's why I made the change. I feel that I personally need to program this show. The show is a select blend of softer oldies, vocals and standards, and quite frankly, I believe that I can do this better than the computer program. I reduced the hours because of the time zones. Many listeners will be in day time during the hours that the program airs.

Remember, tweeking programming is a good thing. It helps you keep on top of things and makes your station always sound fresh.