Radio Imaging Leads the Audience Back

So many times we listen to the thousands and thousands of internet and local radio stations, we like what we hear but we don't know the name the station we're listening to or really what it does.

Chances are we will move on and never hear that station again.Why? because there is little if any imaging. Imaging is the key that tells listeners who you are and what you do. There are so many stations who play song after song and never identify themselves.

I was always told by former Program Director, "When a DJ or programmer gets bored of hearing something over and over on the station they work for, that's when the audience starts to remember it." What this means is you the programmer may think that jingles, imaging liners and even music repeats too often but actually the constant repetition is what keeps that audience coming back. Your audience doesn't remember what they're hearing all the time. It takes repetition and time.

I always stress use imaging, imaging imaging....all the time and for goodness sake when coming out of news or stop sets, don't just play another song without identifying yourself-----it really sounds unprofessional and awful!