Sometimes a Personal Touch is Necessary

In today's radio world, we push a button and out pops the next day's playlist. The computer algorithm chooses the music according to what we have programmed and generates the list for each day.

I recently added a three hour night time show called "Nightmemories." It's a soft blend of oldies and standards. I programmed my rotation for the show and built in the elements but after I generated the first show, I was disappointed at the results. It wasn't quite the sound that I was looking for. The show is unique in that I'm looking for a certain flow and certain

lyrics. The show is unwinding and romantic. What I've decided to do is let the computer generate the playlist then I personally add and delete songs until I feel it's nearly perfect,

The results have been great! I'm adding more and more listeners to the show every night and have been getting many positive comments.

Sometimes there's nothing like the personal touch!