MY Opinion - LPFM Rules are Restrictive and May Be Counter Productive!

I always tell myself to limit social media to just a few minutes per day. Sometimes, it's difficult to do given the political climate in this country. As most of you know, I'm very passionate about radio. LPFM (Low Power FM) is a social media board that I sometimes follow. The board is run by an administrator that's passionate about LPFM but seems not to like any opinion that doesn't coincide with her line of thinking. It's seems that all she does is spew out rules and regulations without considering that other ideas may make sense. This really frustrates me.

With that said, currently in order to start a LPFM radio station, there's lots of red tape and in my opinion some very counterproductive rules that have to be followed. The first rule that I really don't agree with is that in order to go on the air, a board of directors must be formed. That in itself is really no big deal but here's what makes no sense to me. The original license holder has to share ownership with this board. The license holder can't make decisions on his own without putting everything before a board to decide. Most of the time, the board members are not "radio" people. This is so restricting and really limits a station to move forward and implement some creative, programming. Someone asked me if I would ever consider getting a LPFM License for Edgewater Gold Radio and I replied "never."

I've seen examples of members of the board not communicating with the original owner and making important decisions affecting the station. Very very very bad. They can actually hijack the radio station prompting the original owner to eventually just walk away. This is horrible! Why? because of the AWFUL board of director rule for Low Power FM radio stations.

Another rule is that LPFM cannot really make any money. They all must be not for profit. If a small station is serving it's community, why can't they sell local commercials?? Again this is very restrictive.

Anyway, getting back to this LPFM board. I tried to voice my opinion and constantly got negative push back and rules shoved down my throat. It's obvious that this board doesn't accept any opinions from outside their little circle. I deleted this board because I found it biased and insulting to my intelligence.

In the meantime, there are thousands of LPFM stations that don't follow these rules and also many many radio pirates on the air.

Now if the rules were fair and easy to follow, maybe we would have more legal, creative, informative LPFM stations on the air providing a valuable service to their communities.

In the meantime, watch out for internet radio FM------it's coming to get you!