When Things Get Rough, Stay The Course

If you have the passion and the persistence, then just keep going. That's my advice to the operators of internet radio stations.

I first started Edgewater Gold Radio back on 2002 when myself and many others didn't even know what we were getting into. The audience began to grow but so did the problems. The biggest one was the increasing cost of royalty payments. I kept working with my provider, Live 365. Luckily I was to keep going with barely affordable payments for services and royalties.

Another obstacle was getting the station to sound as professional as possible. In 2002, internet radio was in its infancy. I basically uploaded the music and radio elements to a cloud and created daily playlists manually. Since I always wanted to offer more than just music, I pre recorded imaging and local features and inserted them into my playlists.

The result was not what I preferred by what the heck, it was all I could do at the time.

My biggest obstacle came in 2016 when the high costs of royalties caused my provider, Live 365 to shut down. This was the time I could have ended it all but I still had the passion to continue. Within two weeks, I transferred Edgewater Gold Radio over to Radionomy. It was a free service that originated from Europe. Quite frankly, This service was unprofessional and caused me the most problems. They were unreliable and unreachable! The stream would slow up, speed up, contain long gaps and go off the air for long periods of time with no status reports or anything. I never knew when the problems would be resolved.

I decided to move Edgewater Gold Radio to another server and sign up with Stream licensing. I paid a monthly fee and my royalty payments were supposedly covered. .........they weren't because Stream licensing was not keeping current on their payments to the royalty PROS. Another headache! What do I do now? In a twist of fate, I received a call from Live 365 that was back up and running leaner, meaner and better than ever. They asked if I would return and let them be my service provider. I jumped at the chance and have been with them ever since. I'm very happy and satisfied with their customer service, reliability and overall service.

Radio automation software has improved significantly. I wanted to broadcast live from a small studio in my home. I was recommended to Nextkast. They offered powerful radio automation software that would give me everything I needed and more. I installed the software, set up my studio and took Edgewater Gold Radio into the live radio world and never looked back. Thanks to the new technology, I about where I want to be.

There will always be obstacles, they never go away but if you have radio in your blood and have the passion to keep an internet radio station on the air, all I can say is keep stay the course!