Music and Memories

Music and memories go hand in hand. Most memories can be associated with a certain song or songs. When I hear the song Wedding Bell Blues by the Fifth Dimension I associate with the death of my Grandfather in September 1969. We were driving to the airport to pick up my Aunt who lived in Kansas City, Missouri . She was coming to attend the funeral. As we were driving, this song was playing on the radio. It was high on the charts at the time and I always associated it with my Grandfather who just passed. I do like the song and the memories are good ones of family getting together on a sad occasion.

I associate Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone, with driving to Rhode Island with a bunch of friends to explore the beaches there. The song played many times on the radio that day.

I just began senior year in high school and the song Out in the Country, by Three Dog Night was heard on the airwaves. I associate that song with the Vietnam War and my last year with my friends in high school.

Music brings memories and that's my goal at Edgewater Gold Radio. Play the music that triggers the most memories!