Internet Radio - A Complex Process

At approximately 4:30pm yesterday afternoon, Edgewater Gold Radio along with hundreds of other internet stations went off the air. It wasn't anything wrong with our system but once the signal leaves the studio, it's subject to many processes that are beyond an internet radio owners control. Our encoded signal leaves my computer and goes directly to Live 365, our service provider where it's distributed to many servers in different locations. If something goes wrong with any of these servers, a service disruption can occur which is beyond the station owners control. The only thing an operator can do is closely monitor the situation and inform our listeners of the status of the issue and when it has been resolved.

Luckily, our provider Live 365 does an excellent job communicating with it's customers and working with other server partners to get the problem resolved quickly.

We were back up in about an hour or so. It's a very frustrating situation for the broadcaster but due to the complexity of the process, these issues can occur from time to time.