Keep Edgewater Gold Radio on In Your Store

Edgewater Gold Radio cannot play local commercials but we can offer sponsorships from local business. The term is Underwriting where local businesses can sponsor part of our programming. The sponsor is mentioned on the air along with the contact information.

If we hear Edgewater Gold Radio playing in your business, we will offer you one free month of sponsorship. This is basically meant for local businesses in the Rehoboth Beach area.

I will be designating a few people to listen when they are in local businesses to see if Edgewater Gold Radio is playing. If they hear Edgewater Gold Radio, they will give me the information and I will contact the business and tell them that we will offer them 1 free month of sponsorship. This means that we will mention them as a supporter of Edgewater Gold Radio four times a day, weekdays during the hours of 8am and 5pm.

So keep Edgewater Gold Radio on in your store or place of business. You never know you may be an oldies fan and have never known it!