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Dedicated to Oldies

The radio landscape is continually changing and I must say, not for the better for the baby boomer generation. The songs we grew up with are fading fast and some songs are never heard at all anymore. These great songs and artists shaped our generation and are lives. The Billboard top 125 artists of all time came out recently and it's not surprising that The Beatles ranked top of the list.

Much of the music today is produced on computers. You don't even need a band to back you up anymore. You can created the band on the computer. Even voices can be altered on the computer. Sounds sort of like cheating doesn't it?

In my opinion, there's nothing like real voices, real instruments and real music. I'm committed to preserving these great songs on Edgewater Gold Radio. I don't have to answer to an owner because I'm the owner, I don't have to answer to a Board of Directors because there is no Board of Directors

(thank God!). I don't have to answer to advertisers because we don't run local commercials. This is why I can call all of the shots as far is the music is concerned. So don't worry, your oldies aren't going away any time soon! That's my commitment to you.

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