Holiday Music on the Radio

The holiday's are upon us and lots of radio stations are well into their 24 hour holiday programming. The trend over the past 10 years or so is for certain stations to convert to all Christmas music during the holidays. They say "It's good for advertisers." but it seems they've been switching over earlier and earlier each year. It's not uncommon to start to hear Christmas music on the radio in late October.

Years ago, holiday tunes started to crop up on radio stations after Thanksgiving. You would hear maybe one per hour with the amount of Christmas songs increasing as the holiday approached.

I enjoyed that method because it got me in the holiday spirit while I still heard my regular favorites. Most stations would switch to all Christmas on Christmas Eve.

On Thanksgiving day Edgewater Gold Radio will begin playing 2 holiday songs per hour. Next week we'll play three per hour and we will add Christmas songs as the holiday nears. We keep the oldies playing while sounding festive for the holiday. Edgewater Gold Radio will switch to all holiday music on Dec. 24th.