Professional Sounding Radio Station Without All of the Expensive Equipment

I own an broadcast audio console, a variety of mixers, wires, cables, processing equipment etc. Do you know where it is? It's in storage. That's right storage. I've been running Edgewater Gold Radio for 18 years now and at one time, there was equipment clutter all over the place. No more! Why? because the technology has changed so much that all I use is a small mixer ( which I really could do without) and four computers ---laptops! That's right and you know what? The sound now is much much better than it was when I was using a large array of expensive broadcast equipment!

As an individual internet radio broadcaster, you can compete with the big boys with a fairly straightforward simpler process. If you are thinking of starting an internet radio station or even a LPFM station, you can do it simply without too much equipment or space. Again we must take into consideration of what you intend to do. If you're running basically a music station you don't need all of the bells and whistles of a traditional radio studio.

Edgewater Gold Radio plays oldies. As a broadcaster, I can do everything including, live shows, voice tracking, program automation, production and even live phone calls and have guests using four laptop computers. Thanks to the digital age, I no longer need CD players, cart machines, turntables etc. because the software handles all of this and much more. Audio processing is imbedded in the software as well. I can tweek and adjust it at anytime. All settings are handled within the software. The database containing everything is embedded in the software.

I can use remote DJ's for live or voice tracked shows although at this point I don't. I use a separate computer for all production work, one for information such as news and weather, one running the live programming and one for statistics. That's it. It works beautifully, sounds professional and does the job I need it to do.

Sometimes, we think we need to look like a traditional radio station but in reality, it's not necessary anymore. So if you are thinking of starting an internet radio station or even a LPFM, think out of the box, save yourself some money and cut back on unnecessary equipment. Remember, it's your programming that impresses your audience, they could care less about where you're located, the equipment you use and how you "look" from the outside!