Sometimes Technology Can Confuse, Frustrate and Simply Drive You Mad!

One of the worst feelings is when a problem that is sporadic cannot be identified. Running an internet radio station is complicated. You can usually determine whether your equipment or automation system is faulty but as soon as the signal leaves your system, it goes into a sort of black whole.

Yesterday, in the morning hours my stream began dropping and dropping and dropping. I use Xfinity as my cable and internet provider and I will tell you, their customer support is the worst. I won't waste time on that but I will tell you they were no help at all!

I did get a new modem installed a few weeks ago and it seems to be working fine but I'm still not sure. My stream goes through an encoder and is sent to Live 365's servers for distribution. Was the problem Live 365? Now here's the very frustrating part, at times the stream dropped and immediately dropped all of my listeners. At other times the signal dropped and the automated backup program coming from the cloud kicked in not dropping my listeners. There is no consistency in this situation.

I did not find anyone that could help and no support at all! I'm on my own with this one. I did schedule a Xfinity Technician to come out and check the modem but I may cancel. Everything is working fine now. Since this happened several times, I am very suspicious. Why can't cable companies or internet service providers pinpoint and identify problems like this?

So we keep plugging away but what makes me very uncomfortable is that there is an uncontrollable black whole out there with internet radio. Terrestrial stations don't seem to have this problem as they can control their system because all equipment is housed at the station or transmitter site.

If anyone reading this can shed some light on this situation, please e-mail me at:


We are living in an age where large companies are controlling us and we have absolutely no effective Customer Service systems in place to assist us with our technical problems!