Tribute to A Real Radio Legend

Another radio legend is gone. My favorite DJ and mentor Harry Harrison passed away yesterday at age 89. I grew up listening to Harry on WMCA , WABC and WCBS-FM in New York for many years. His friendly, relaxed, style drew me into this business. I met him several times and kept in touch with him for many years! I believe that Harry is the reason that I went into radio! He will be greatly missed! Harry was never vulgar, condescending, and he never insulted his audience. He was a voice that made you feel that things would be OK. This type of style does not exist anymore today. Today's music has changed so much that I believe that legends like Harry would be uncomfortable playing it. Harry leaves a real void in the radio industry. He joins his fellow colleagues Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, Joe O'Brian, Jack Spector in a better place where I'm sure they are all together re-creating radio the way it was meant to be. RIP to an institution! CLICK PHOTO FOR TRIBUTE.