Edgewater Gold Radio in Its Eighteenth Year of Broadcasting Oldies

It was a damp night in 2002. I was living in Edgewater, NJ and was a member of our condo board. The board gathered in the clubhouse to discuss a major renovation project about to get underway. The board members knew that I had worked in terrestrial radio for many years and one board member commented to me "wouldn't it be great if you could start a radio station for the community? I told him that it wasn't possible for individuals to start a radio station nor practical.

After the meeting, my wheels began to turn. I did some research, spoke to some other colleagues in the business and found out that there was a way that an individual can start a small micro powered radio station through the part 15 clause of FCC law.

I then got to work, I ordered a Part 15 compliant AM transmitter, worked with some engineers and developers and put the tiny station on the air at 1630am. Power could not exceed a half watt so coverage was very limited. The station was originally called "the Cove" short for Grand Cove, the complex where I lived at the time. The signal was not great and Edgewater was not the place to place a transmitter. It's terrain was not good for low power station transmission. I placed the transmitter on my terrace with a ridiculous looking antenna. (Luckily I didn't get any complaints from the neighbors). I purchased an audio mixer and an automation programs and started playing oldies from my computer. Hence the birth of what is now Edgewater Gold Radio.

I worked for a voice production company at the time and an audio engineer told me about internet radio which was in it's infancy. He helped me get started online. I changed the stations name to Edgewater Radio and the rest is history. It's amazing how long we've come and how dedicated our audience has been after all of these years.