Coronavirus Even affecting The Entertainment Industry

Tours being postponed can have a severe affect on some in the entertainment industry. Here's the story from RTT Music News,

David Crosby said in an interview with GQ that he is worried about losing his home if his summer tour dates get canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the interview, Crosby said, "I'm sitting here waiting for them to cancel all my tours this summer and put me in deep financial trouble. You know they don't pay us for records anymore, right? So touring is all we got. That's really the only thing that we can do to make any money. And to lose it is just awful."

"I may - honest to God - I may lose my home," he added. "I don't know what to do about it, except just try to roll with the punches and keep going. Truthfully, if I lose the tours, I probably will lose my home."

Crosby's 2020 trek is scheduled to commence on May 14 with a concert in Santa Barbara, California, and conclude on June 21 with a show in Westhampton Beach, New York. However, he plans to tour nearly until Christmas, he says.

Noting that most cancellations or postponements involved dates up until April, he said, "They haven't talked about May yet, which is when I'm slated to go. But once I start in May, I'm working almost constantly until about six days before Christmas. And if I lose it all, I'm going to be in deep shit."