Providing Information During a Crisis

We are in the middle of one of the worst crisis in our history. If you're a LPFM, Internet or terrestrial radio station, you have the opportunity to shine. By that I mean to get valuable information out to your listeners. Unfortunately scanning our radio dial, most stations are not doing that. They are continuing with a hands off approach running only the radio automation systems to provide the programming.

Even if you're a music station, your can give your listeners valuable information on the Coronavirus crisis. This doesn't mean stopping all of the music and revert to crisis mode. You can research how the virus is affecting your area and provide that information in bits throughout your broadcast day.

Edgewater Gold Radio is providing information about how Coronavirus is affecting the lives of the people on Delmarva. They need to know where we stand, what's closed, how to get services, who to call etc. During weekdays, I make sure that I provide this information between 8am and 5pm. That doesn't mean that I stop the music. The information is given in small doses between songs or at stop sets. Yes it's more work but as radio broadcasters whether hobby broadcasters, internet broadcaster, LPFM broadcasters or full service terrestrial broadcasters, it's to the benefit of our listeners to get this information out to them. If they want just wall to wall music, they'll listen to spotify or pandora!