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Should Music Stations Provide Cornonavirus Information?

We are living in a very unusual, uncertain time right now. There is Coronavirus information on the internet, TV and some talk radio stations but should music stations provide the information as well? There is no answer to this question but I will say. Scanning the local dial here in Delaware, I found little or no music stations providing any local information on the virus.

Here's what I do at Edgewater Gold Radio. We are based in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Many listeners are local but a great many are from all over the US and the world. The structure I was taught enables me to keep the music flowing and still provide information on how Covid 19 is affecting us here in Delaware, specifically Sussex County.

Several times per hour, I will give one or two pieces of information on the virus here in Delaware. I try to keep this information under one minute and update it as much as I can. This keeps Delaware and Sussex County listeners informed but does not stop the music flow. This information is given on weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

I feel obligated to provide local listeners with this information. There a fine line with internet radio and many broadcasters don't know how to ride that line. They'll offer no information or interrupt the format to provide long detailed coverage.

Since much of Edgewater Gold Radio is voice tracked, if something breaks on a weekend which is pre- programmed, I utilize our "roboDJ.' I enter the information and"Mr Robo" will announce it whenever I designate him to.

I wish some terrestrial stations would do a little more to give the public some ongoing local Covid 19 information. We have a wonderful way to communicate, don't be lazy, use it!

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