Do Your Updates Regularly

Yesterday ,while voice tracking today;s program for Edgewater Gold Radio, I glanced down at the bottom of the screen and noticed that little yellow icon. Time for another update! Windows 10 methodically sends updates about the middle of each month. Even though these updates can be a royal pain, they are necessary to keep your computer running at its best.

I usually don't delay updates but schedule them to run after prime time. Windows 10 gives you the ability to choose the date and time. If you don't do this, it will automatically choose a date and time and shut your computer down. I usually choose to run the update about 7pm. This is the time that there's a dip in the prime listening audience. It begins to pick up again after 8pm. I choose this window to perform the update.

When I run the update, I turn on the backup computer and launch our automation software, Nextkast. I try to wait until a song is coming to an end on the main computer. I then switch off the main computer and launch the backup. There is always a gap. Last night there was a large gap because the backup runs on wifi and with all of the usage lately, it took longer than normal to connect.

I now shutdown the main computer. It does it thing and updates and restarts. I then relaunch our automation software, Nextkast on the main computer and shut down the backup. I really dislike doing this but all radio stations need maintenance every now and then and once a month for a short period really isn't too bad!