News Services and An Escape From Today's News

There are some news services that may be used on internet radio stations or LPFM's. One that comes to mind is FSN or Feature Story News. The service is available to internet and FM radio an is reasonably priced.

Edgewater Gold Radio used FSN for a long time but several factors caused me to make a decision to cancel the service. The first was that it was more of an international service which featured lots of news from around the world including the U.S. I really wanted more local coverage. The main reason why I cancelled this service is that we are subjected to so much negative news all the time. It's very accessible everywhere.

Edgewater Gold Radio plays oldies and strives to give our audience a "happy" experience so I chose not to air news. This may change in the future but at this time music is an escape and we all need to escape from time to time so no news. If there is a local or weather emergency, I will provide this information to our listeners.