Keeping Our Mind, Body and Spirit Well During this Pandemic

I periodically listen to other internet stations and find music, music, music, recorded liners and more music! That's fine if that's all you care about hearing. Edgewater Gold Radio's main goal is to play a great variety of oldies BUT I believe that bits of important information is helpful to both the local and international audience.

We're going through some really tough times with the coronavirus pandemic. People are stressed and lonely. I've added a Wellness Moment to our programming with Dr. Lexi McKenzie who hold a doctorate Metaphysical Science. The program runs about one minute and is aired about 9:15am, 12:00 noon and 3:00pm. This small segment is motivating and uplifting and doesn't interrupt our music flow.

Music is the best medicine but so is reassurance that things are going to be alright!