"Oh! It's Been So Long Since I Heard That Song." Find out why

Do you ever take a glimpse back and look at some of the music charts from previous decades? Sometimes you discover songs that you haven't heard in a long time. Why? because terrestrial radio stations have programmed our minds by playing only a select number of songs. They test songs with a group of individuals and determine which songs get on a playlist. I used to ask some of my Program Directors "Why don't we play such and such as song?" They would usually answer "because it didn't test well."

Unfortunately this really limits the amount of songs that we hear on the radio. Edgewater Gold Radio does not do this. Even though music is tied to revenue, I never thought it was fair to the listeners who enjoy a variety of music, especially oldies. The worst thing is when an oldies station with such a large reservoir of music plays only a select number of songs.

Tonight during our Seventies Party Train show, we will count down the top ten songs of the 1970's. You may be surprised at some of the songs on this list compiled by Billboard. Why? because after the songs fell off the charts, you never heard them again!