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Changes To Edgewater Gold Radio App. Apple is At it Again!

I've been in touch with Nobex, the company who programmed our free Edgewater Gold Radio app. Currently the app is available on all platforms. Apple has now required all app owners to get their own Apple developer who will upgrade the app to a new operating system. This process is costly and very complicated. After careful consideration, I've decided that I will not go this route.

Apple products are very stable but I find them to be much too proprietary and not flexible when it comes to running non-Apple applications.

So what are the implications from my decision? Since there are so many apps that carry Edgewater Gold Radio and so many ways to listen, our app will now only work on non-Apple devices. The app works fine on all android devices.We can still be heard on Apple computers from our website: Edgewater Gold or the Live 365 website.

This decision will have little effect on our overall listeners since we've been on the air 18 years and are very well established.

Having a stable operating system is great but when it is so inflexible that it can't be used to run any non-Apple programs, what good is it?

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