Mick Jagger on How to Quarantine

Quarantine is becoming the new norm and entertainers are weighing in on how to keep occupied. Here's Mick Jagger's take.

Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger recently appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," on which he featured in a '40s-style, public service announcement, educating the public about how to stay occupied during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"Check out this thing I saw earlier today on the BBC," Fallon introduces the short clip, which encourages viewers to donate to the nonprofit organization "Save The Children" to help out in this time of need.

"In times of international crisis, every man, woman, and child must pull their weight," begins the announcer in a pronounced British accent.

"But look at this fellow - not a care in the world," he continues, as we see a sun hat-donning Jagger merrily strumming the guitar on his porch. He then orders Jagger to "put that down" and do the chores that he has been putting off, including hammering nails, fixing an out-of-order motor, cooking, exercising, gardening, and even animal husbandry.

"Coronavirus -- the biggest global health crisis of our lifetime -- threatens children in every way," reads a card that appears at the end of the sketch. "Your support today can help children in unsafe households, help protect and prepare doctors and health clinics in refugee camps and help support distance learning in the face of school closures."

While the Rolling Stones were forced to postpone their tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they released a new single, "Living in a Ghost Town" last month. The song explores the theme of the "new normal" that has been enforced upon the citizens of the whole world, as we have each gone into our homes for the lock down.

"Life was so beautiful/Then we all got locked down/Feel like a ghost/Living in a ghost town, yeah" Jagger croons in the chorus of the song.