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We Are Living In a World of Little Support

We have wonderful technology at our fingertips but there is one problem, no support. As devices and processes get more sophisticated and complicated, customer service has fallen by the wayside. If you try to contact any company, it seems as if they purposely avoid a live contact. Our frustration builds as the pre-recorded prompts seem to go round and round and never enable us to speak to a "live" person. It seems that most businesses want to do is sell you something and collect your money and that's about it. It's a very frustrating world we live in my friends.

Over the weekend, the pet blog domain name that I've had for 11 years and ALWAYS automatically renewed, suddenly was de-activated. The message said that the domain name had expired. They provided a link to renew it. The problem is when I clicked on the link, there was nothing at all to renew it but the page had a lot of services listed that they wanted me to purchase.

I finally found a phone number but it took a long time to connect to live person. When I finally did connect, the person on the other end was not knowledgeable or helpful at all. The process to renew a domain name should be a "no brainer" but this person had me on the phone for over an hour giving me nothing to enable me to re-establish a connection to my site. So my pet site of 11 years remains down and 11 years of work seems to have been flushed down the drain. Why? because lots of businesses seems not to care about the customer! Communication is not only unimportant but it's non existent.

We are on own old because humans have become non-communicative, and want to live in their own imaginary bubbles.

Even though things weren't as complex in the past, we always had people available to help us out. I worked in a company that required Customer Service Reps to answer every single call within three rings. That standard ensured every customer that their issues would be addressed and hopefully resolved. Those days are long gone.

Good luck it's a very very scary world out there. By the way, my pet website remains down with no date of re-activation!

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