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News Ways to Listen, A Look Back

It's seems unbelievable that Edgewater Gold Radio has been broadcasting on the internet for 18 years. After leaving an FM station in Trenton, New Jersey and one in Teaneck, New Jersey, I figured that I would have to retire my headphones, for the time being.

Internet radio was in it's infancy back in 2002 and I never really considered it. People in radio always have the "bug" in them that just keeps coming back and mine did. I missed radio but didn't miss the hectic weekend schedules.

At the time, I was working at a voice production company and one of the voice engineers, asked me if I've ever considered internet radio?. I thought and thought and finally made a commitment to enter in this new way of broadcasting.

After going through the steps of starting the station, I had to work on so many details, equipment, music, format, imaging and on and on! My radio career enabled me to visualize the station that I wanted to create. It was a station that reminded people of the music they grew up with plus the way that music was presented back in that time period which was the 50's 60's 70's and even the 80s . It is sort of a nostalgia station but also offers local information.

After several months of preparation, the station was launched. Since I lived in Edgewater , NJ, I named the station Edgewater Radio. I later modified the name to Edgewater Gold Radio so potential listeners could tell what type of music the station played right off the bat.

Our first broadcast included a very basic playlist consisting of about 500 songs. A different playlist was prepared and launched each day and played from a cloud. There was no processing and the cross fading was rudimentary at best but it was streaming and I was happy about that.

At the time, there were no "smart" devices so the only way that the station could be picked up was on a computer. Today, internet radio and streaming services have because a staple in all of our lives. Edgewater Gold Radio operates like a full blown FM station without all of the staff of course. We are live and broadcast from a small studio in my home, the powerful automation system offers full processing and enables any type of broadcasting.

Edgewater Gold Radio can be heard on hundreds and hundreds of devices. Apps like Tunein, Live 365, Nobex, My Radio Tuner, Radio Garden and many many more enable listeners to hear us virtually anywhere! We can also be heard on our own Edgewater Gold Radio app --on all Android devices and on smart speakers through google and Alexa. We are on i-tunes, Apple TV and also places that I'm not even aware of. The sound quality has greatly improved and our listenership has grown by leaps and bounds.

Internet radio is riding high and I'm so glad it is!

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