My Prediction on The Future of Radio

Covid 19 has not only disrupted our lives but it also forced a '"new normal" and a different way of doing things. Live TV shows like Kelly and Ryan, Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel and even Satuday Night Live are all broadcasting from home. They will eventually return to a studio for obvious reasons. Radio stations are doing the same thing, and it works! It works just fine.

Today's technology has given us the ability to shed all of the bulky equipment. Virtual studios are now becoming the norm. Even news stations are having their anchors work from home. Example WINS 1010 in New York has only one or two people in the station at a time while the others do their shifts from home. It really makes no difference.

Edgewater Gold Radio broadcasts from a small studio in my home. We don't need all of the equipment that we used to. A few computers, a microphone and small mixer will do just fine for most stations. Think of all of the money that will be saved!

I predict that this pandemic will trigger a much different approach to how we broadcast. Many will broadcast from home or in a very small space. The myths of rooms stuffed with equipment, lots of staff running around, wires everywhere will be shattered. We can do this just as efficiently in a small space with minimal equipment. Think of the convenience and the money that will be saved.

Of course, going to the studio was always a thrill for me but we must remember, times have changed and so has the technology!