Music and Emotions During The Coronavirus Crisis

I don't know about you but I'm doing pretty well at self quarantine, social distancing and wearing a mask BUT I have the most difficult time managing two emotions in particular. They are fear and anger. Fear because at this point we can't see a light at the end of the tunnel. We can't see our "normal" lifestyle returning at this point. Fear that this virus is proving to be more dangerous than previously thought. The syndrome with children and the fact that it can have serious side effects such as vein damage, clotting, heart and kidney failure and even strokes.

Anger and rage because I feel that we are out of control here in the U.S. due to the administration choosing politics over health. This is triggering a sort of revolution and not a good one. Supporters are refusing to cooperate. They are not doing what the doctors and scientists are recommending. They are not wearing masks, they are gathering in large groups and are putting innocent people in great danger. This enrages me! In my opinion we are in a big mess and it will get worse. Cases are beginning to climb again. We are far from the end of this. In fact, we are actually contributing to our own destruction!

Other countries have done a great job controlling the spread and can actually return to an almost normal existence. The United States and Brazil have chosen the dangerous and political path. Ignoring the facts and only caring about one root of ALL evil and evil it is.

The doctor in charge of finding treatment for AIDS made such a true statement yesterday. He said if the United States were locked down------really locked down for six weeks where everything was shut where the only exception would be buying food and getting medicine, we could have almost eradicated this virus here in the US. The economy while hit hard would start to make a full recovery. Everyone would have to be united, strict rules would need to be enforced and the one goal would be to stop the spread of the virus.

The doctor also mentioned that this could be done vaccine or not. It's such a shame that we are so disconnected here and yes I will blame the administration and it's supporters. A coordinated effort is not possible so fear constantly overcomes me.

One possible relief is the music we have to hold on to. It can lift our spirits and pull us out of the slump. It can bring back great memories and great times and wash away the fear and anger even if temporarily. So hold on to the music you love. Listen regularly and let it just sweep you away. It works wonders for me and I sincerely hope that it does for you as well!