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Delaware Phase One Re-opening Monday June 1. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!!!!

On Monday, Delaware will begin phase 1 of the coronavirus re-opening process. Even though this pandemic is still with us in a big way, we have to start reopening our economy and moving on with our lives.

Now this doesn't mean that the "floodgates" will swing open and we can do everything we did before this pandemic began. That's what I fear the most. The re-opening process is clearly laid out for Delaware but there are lots of selfish, partisan, reckless people who won't take it seriously and make it very bad for others.

We can still easy catch and spread the virus but we also have the power to control it. Personally I'm staying away from all crowds this Summer. I do get out but I practice social distancing and always wear a mask when in public places. That's the key---wear your mask!

Here is the link for the re-opening process here in Delaware.

Remember, use your common sense, you're not alone in this!

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