Remember The Summers of The Transistors

Growing up in the sixties and seventies, a transistor radio was a necessity. Not one, but as many as I could get my hands on! I used one in my house, I took one with me when I went on vacation and another one that went to the beach with me.

During this time, the transistor was our only way to make music, news and information portable. We didn't mind the tinney sound quality because that's all we knew at the time. We were also limited to hearing the local stations in the area.

Beaches were a time to remember. Everyone seemed to have a transistor radio with them and as I looked around, all I saw were those little antennas sticking up. Music was blaring all over the place. If I was at the Jersey shore, I heard WABC on almost every single radio. As I walked the shoreline, I didn't miss a single song. Their 50,000 watt signal from New York covered most of the Jersey shore. Personally I would always search for the local stations. They made me feel like I was away and on vacation.

So thanks to that little transisitor which provided us with so much joy and entertainment for so many years!