People in Your 20's 30's and 40's .....Step Up and Wear A Mask!

We hear the news from all sources all the time emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask while in public. This and social distancing is the only weapon that we have against Covid 19 at this time. Masks work, it has been proven.

I usually get my exercise by walking the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. I decided to try my luck the other day. Masks are mandatory on the boardwalk, there are signs all over the place. As I stepped on to start my walk, I noticed only about 50% of people wearing masks. I also noticed that most of the younger people were not wearing any masks. I promptly got off the boardwalk and decided to walk on the street.

Other countries wear masks all the time. In Japan, they can't leave the house without a mask and life is resuming because the cases of Covid 19 have virtually been eliminated.

What is the matter with us that we can't follow these simple rules? In America, it's all about politics and that is a major contributor as to why we are failing to conquer or control Covid 19.

In the end, we will loose if we can't follow these simple rules. Wearing a mask blocks the droplets that spread through the air and infect people in close proximity.

We need to add stricter enforcement of these rules and younger people need to stop being selfish and think of others that they are putting at risk just by not complying to these simple rules. So people in your 20's 30's and 40's .....STEP UP and WEAR A MASK!