Thank Goodness For Digital Technology

Covid 19 has changed the way of life for everyone but I was thinking about this the other day, could you imagine what would have happened if this pandemic occurred before the age of digital technology, computers and the internet?

Talk TV show hosts are all able to broadcast from home via Zoom, Skype of many other digital sources. New shows are being broadcast since the pandemic began. News shows are doing the same thing. We are all still kept up to date and we can watch our favorite night time shows like Colbert, Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. They are all broadcasting from home and their guests are also appearing from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Even though schools are closed, kid can still learn via online "zoom" schools. Sure it's not the same as being in the classroom but it's much more effective than relying on parents to conduct home instruction.

Sitcoms are in re-run mode anyway. Movies can been seen online but this venue as well as live concerts are the most affected in my opinion. There will be a big delay in the release of new movies and Summer blockbusters may be a bust this year. Sports is another large casualty. We may have to forego Baseball, America's favorite pass time this year.

Radio has the biggest advantage. Radio technology today makes it very feasible to operate out of your home. Automation software has become so complex that we can literally run an entire radio station from a good automation program. Edgewater Gold Radio runs entirely from a small studio in my home.

At 1010 WINS, New York, a 24/7 news station, hosts have been reporting the news from home. The station requires only one or two people to actually go to the studio per day to make sure that the internet connection stays stable.

This picture would look very very different if the year was 1975. We would probably be so much more cut off and isolated from the events going on around us. So hats off to technology!