Nothing Like Programming From Your Gut

Radio automation and technology has really made a major difference for radio programmers over the past few decades. You push a button and out pops your playlist. Of course there's lots of thought and work going on in the background. Programmers set up rotations and algorithm's in the background that enable easy playlist generation but, only a human can make the listening experience special to the audience.

Let me give you an example. Playlists are generated for Edgewater Gold Radio everyday. As I voicetrack each hour, I am constantly making some changes to the music. Why? The system did what it was supposed to but only a human can feel if certain songs fit well with the others. So frequent changes are always necessary. I review the playlists for our night show, Nightmemories and every day make changes to about 80% of it. The reason, I know the mood and sound I want to create and even though the rotation and playlists are correct, they don't always reflect what I want the audience to feel so they are altered until they fit the sound I want to create.

There is nothing like the human touch. Programmers that set it and forget it are not taking the time to understand their audience. There should always be some human touch!