Glad That We Have The Music We Grew Up With To Listen to Today!

As I get older, I drift further and further away from the music of today. It's become irrelevant and basically not listenable to me. There are some really talented, good artists in today's mix of hip hop and pop but I can't listen to a pop radio station and wait to hear the one or two I may like so I stay away from it altogether.

Yesterday, as I was watering my lawn, a car full of young kids came speeding down the street blasting what sounded like loud explosions, actually it was some pop Hip Hop song that made me stop and just stare. I thought to myself, what is the appeal of this kind of music if that's what they call it? When I was their age, my parents didn't like all of the pop music I listened to. I was never a hard rock fan so I stuck to the pop hits. The difference was that there were enough songs on a pop station playlist that would also appeal to my parents. They even liked some of the Beatles tunes of the early 60s.

I remember, I was riding in the car with my father listening to WMCA in New York, a top 40 station. It was 1964. suddenly they played their number one song. It was "Everybody Loves Somebody" by Dean Martin. Yes Dean Martin was number one on the pop charts! My father turned the radio up and started singing.

Music back then in my opinion was more diverse and contained a lot more variety so it did appeal to lots of parents as well as their kids. It's not that way today at all!

I'm glad we have the great songs of the 60s and 70s to fall back on. If we didn't have them, I really don't know what I would listen to. One of Edgewater Gold Radio's main objectives is to preserve these great songs!