Don't Get De Frauded in Today's Complex Online World! -----I Did!

Most of us love great technology but when something goes wrong we are usually stuck holding the bag. Since mostly everything is done on online, companies Customer Service is also online. The only problem is that it avoids contact with a real person. When you try to navigate the complex menus as you desperately search to find a contact number or e-mail, we are usually left scrambling around until our heads are about to fall off! The bottom line is that large companies don't want us to talk to a live person. They want to collect their money and leave the rest to a useless array of un-useable links on their websites. If we do get to a customer service person, they usually can't provide much if any help!

The other day I was desperate to find a Customer Service Rep, I won't mention the company but it's one that I use everyday. It took me 45 minutes to find a phone number that was deeply embedded in their complex website. Aaah "I thought I struck gold!" I dialed the number and the agent that answered quickly transferred me to another agent who never picked up the call. I called again and the same thing happened. I finally hung up and searched the company's customer support number on google. I got what appeared to be a web page from this company with a support number. I dialed the number, an agent got on and insisted on getting into my computer. The bottom line is that he was a fraud and took over $1,000 out of my bank account. He insisted that the service I was calling about expired and he needed $162 to reactivate it. I thought I disconnected him, shut the computer down to make sure he was off then logged back in and accessed my bank account and sent him the money via Zelle. He got back on the phone and pretended to help solve the problem. He never did solve anything so I later went back into my back account to check everything and found that he extracted about $1,300 from my account!!! He had a way to stayed logged on to my computer even after I logged out.

Please please please be very careful. Frauds are everywhere. Usually humans trust other humans but remember there is a deep dark world of truly evil people out there. Do your best to keep them out of your lives. Don't worry about someone coming up behind to rob you, worry about someome ruining you online!