Talk To Your Listeners

I was scanning some internet radio stations the other day and I noticed the same thing over and over and over. Music music music Jingle music music music. At one point I heard three songs in a row then a temperature check. It sounded like this right out of a song. "It's 85 degrees" and that was it then right back into another song. Very very bad programming!

I know many people run internet radio stations as a hobby but if you don't try to reach out to your listeners, what's the point? Your stream is only a jukebox. I recommend lots of imaging telling your audience who you are and what your do. Also talk to your audience and provide some kind of knowledge and information. It makes a difference and yes it does take more work.

Lots of stations do remote voice tracking using multiple DJ's. I would provide these DJ's with liners to use, promos and give them something to talk about instead of "that was" and "this is." It will give your listeners a sense of presence at the station and will sound more professional.