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All-Star Group Of Artists Demand Politicians Get Permission To Use Songs

Artists are now demanding that politicians get permission to use their songs at rallies. The has not been done and has prompted the formation of a new group. Here's the full story from RTT Music news.

An all-star group of artists have signed an open letter protesting the use of their music at political rallies and other public events without seeking their permission.

"As artists, activists and citizens, we ask you to pledge that all candidates you support will seek consent from featured recording artists and songwriters before using their music in campaign and political settings," says the letter.

The letter continues, "This is the only way to effectively protect your candidates from legal risk, unnecessary public controversy and the moral quagmire that comes from falsely claiming or implying an artist's support or distorting an artists' expression in such a high stakes public way."

Several high profile musicians have recently lashed out against President Donald Trump for using their songs without permission during his campaign rallies.

The stars belonging to various genres of music united under the umbrella of the Artist Rights Alliance, a not-for-profit advocate for songwriters and musicians.

The signatories include The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Aersomith, R.E.M., Sheryl Crow, Sia, Rosanne Cash, Lionel Richie, Pearl Jam and Green Day.

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