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Stay On The Air With a Backup Plan

As hurricane then tropical storm Isaias barrelled up the eastern seaboard on Tuesday, I knew that we were in trouble as for as power outages were concerned. Delaware got hit very bad with tornadoes, high winds and power outages. We were updating our listeners as to the the status of the storm throughout the event, that is until the power went out. When that happened Edgewater Gold Radio's live stream went down but we were still on the air. How could that be? We have an auto DJ set up with a small part of our library stored in the cloud of our service provider Live 365. Rotations always play in the background and if the live signal goes out, Auto DJ kicks in. Our listeners experience a quick switch in programming from live to automated. A song will switch and the quality will drop but we are still on the air!

Luckily the power came back in about 15 minutes and our live stream was back online in about 20 minutes. Others weren't so lucky. If you are running an internet radio station or even an FM station, it really pays to enable cloud broadcasting. Yes it does take work but when it's set up, you can forget it. It keeps you streaming in the event of a storm or emergency situation. It won't drop your listeners. It's a big advantage!

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