Choosing Between Thousands of Radio Stations

The radio landscape has changed drastically over the past 20 years. Satellite Radio was the first innovation that enable listeners to choose over 100 stations anywhere in the US. The only drawback was that it is a paid service. We still have AM and FM radio but their programming is steadily going down hill. There's very little variety and usually these station cater to the very young.

As internet radio became increasingly popular and offers a wide variety of formats and programs, making a choice can be a challenge for both the listeners and programmers. My advice to listeners, is to make a list of the types of music or talk that you enjoy most. When you find an internet station that you enjoy, set it as a preset or favorite. If you do this you can access it quickly and reduce the chance of totally forgetting it's name and never being able to access it again.

Programmers should promote promote promote. Use the internet to get the word out. Print flyers and place them around town and most important, let the audience know who you are and what you do. Consistently state your name through frequent positioning statements that repeat all the time. Keep your station first and foremost in the minds of your listeners.