Specialty Radio Shows

I worked for a country radio station in the 1980's, The station played all of the top country hits but also included country gold some of which went back to the 70s. After working there awhile, I was asked to do a specialty show on Saturday nights. It was called The Saturday Night Country Party. Although the show included some of the current country hits, it also included lots of older, classic country. I was able to play Hank Williams Sr. Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash etc. We brought back country from the 50s and early 60s. I am proud to say that The Saturday Night Country Party was very popular.

I asked my Program Director why I was able to stray from the main format and he explained that this was a specialty show that featured music in the country genre that the audience wouldn't necessarily hear on the station. Specialty shows add depth and variety to radio stations. They capture audiences that may not tune in on a regular basis.

At Edgewater Gold Radio, we feature a specialty show on Sunday nights. It' s called the Musical History Tour and unlike our traditional oldies format, the show features free form rock. Ronnie Sevean hosts the show and provides lots of information about the music he plays. It airs 7pm - 10pm. The shows are theme based and this weeks show will feature songs about cities.

Specialty shows have always spiced up radio!