Successful Internet Radio Relies on A Solid, Stable Provider

I've been reading horror stories everyday about an internet radio provider that is so unreliable that leaving broadcasters ripping their hair out and listeners in the lurch. This service is constantly going down, their support is practically non existent and there are frequently long gaps between music segments. Running a business or even hobby is impossible under these circumstances, If doing what you love causes this much frustration, then you must take a deep breath and determine whether or not it's worth continuing.

You can have the best equipment, best automation system but if your provider is not reliable, you cannot run a good, solid internet radio station. Luckily Live 365 is Edgewater Gold Radio's service provider and is without a doubt the most reliable and stable service I've every worked with.They distribute our signal to various servers throughout the country.

I had to switch providers for about a year an a half when Live 365 was forced to shut down due to very high, unreasonable royalty rates. They've regrouped about two years ago and now are better than ever. Their customer service is excellent and all information is communicated very effectively to their customers. Our signal is stable and rarely goes down. If it does go down, we have a backup system that kicks in keeping listeners tuned in rather than dropping them.

If you are in the process of starting an internet radio station, I would consider using Live 365. It's a service that you have to pay for but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for."