Appreciate Every Second on Earth

One of my most influential DJ's Harry Harrison always said "everyday should be unwrapped like a precious gift." This especially rings true with me at this time. My partner, Jim works at a hotel here in Rehoboth Beach along with another friend that lives in our community. I usually drop them off at work each day and our friends partner, Danny picks them up. It was about 11:15pm on Wednesday, August 26th when I received a call from my partner, Jim saying they were in an accident, please come quickly. I rushed out the door with my heart pounding and my hands shaking. As soon as I turned onto busy route 1, my heart sunk deeply into my chest. I saw a sea of flashing red lights, ambulances, police and fire trucks everywhere. As I got closer and saw the wreckage strewn all over the highway, I practically lost my breath. I drove up and saw my friends car that catapulted onto the southbound lanes of the road. The back of the SUV was pushed in that it was practically in the back seat. The EMT was putting out friends on stretchers. I heard the screams of Danny as he was lifted into the ambulance.

Somehow, someway, a calmness came over me. I walked to the vehicle and then saw my partner Jim. He was standing in the road near the vehicle. He appeared to be dazed but ok but the horror was just beginning to sink in. I began to search the pitch black back seat of the car for Jim's keys and cellphone. My hands were directed to the right places. I found both of them.

Our friend Danny was injured severely. He was medivaced to Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware about 85 miles away. All we knew is that Danny was unable to feel his legs and was in extreme pain. Our other friend Rich was taken to Beebe, the nearby hospital. Jim said that he seemed ok and didn't want to go in the ambulance. We followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Our friend Rich was bruised and in pain but other wise seemed ok. After several tests, he was later released. My partner Jim was sore. but otherwise not seriously injured.

Our friend Danny will undergo spinal surgery today and we are hoping and praying for a positive outcome.

The driver of the vehicle that rear ended my partner and our friends and nearly snuffed out their lives was drunk. He was flying at an unimaginable speed. He plowed into the SUV with such force that it catapulted across the highway into the oncoming traffic southbound lanes. Three lives could have been wiped out in an instant because of one, reckless, drunken and selfish human being!

The news media missed one very significant fact and that was my friends car was hit by a reckless individual that was so intoxicated that his brain was barely functioning. This is the core fact of the story.

During these days, I've been reflecting a lot and I'm thinking of the words that my mentor, Harry Harrison spoke each and everyday. "Everyday should be unwrapped like a precious gift." Life is a gift and none of us are guaranteed that gift again. Love, appreciate, breathe and pray. It's all we have!

Here's the story from WBOC news that omitted the most important part. Drunk drivers change and eliminate lives everyday!

The Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company responded to a multi-car accident on Route 1 at 11:30 p.m., Aug. 26, near Tanger Outlets Seaside. In a press release Aug. 27, Capt. Kent Swarts said a vehicle heading north struck a second car also heading north, which sent the second car across the median and into the far southbound lane of Route 1. Swarts said one person was airlifted to Christiana Hospital by the Delaware State Police Aviation Unit, and two others were transported to Beebe Healthcare in Lewes by Rehoboth Beach and Lewes EMS units.

All northbound traffic was routed through the outlet parking lot for nearly two hours while crews worked, said Swarts. The Delaware State Police are investigating, he said.