A Firebomb on Our Democracy


sat watching last nights debate and felt my blood pressure rising as my heart starting to pound. I always knew that we were in a bad state given the fact that this president has demonstrated his incompetency over and over again but last night was different. A different reality set in and that reality is that we are experiencing the worst threat on our democracy that we have ever seen. We're are truly dealing with a madman who belongs in a long term psychiatric facility rather than the White House.

It wasn't only the interrupting, name calling and lying that constantly came out of this presidents mouth but also the body movements, facial expressions and content of what I was hearing that hit me on the head like a hammer. This guy isn't only unqualified and unfit but is truly insane and not in touch with reality. Worst of all he has no concern about the people whom he's governing. Gas lighting our election process, fueling white supremacy, fantasizing that he is in control of the biggest pandemic in modern history, attacking his opponent's children and making childish comments and baseless accusations made me realize that our country is hiding it's head in shame and is being laughed at by the rest of the world. Germany chancellor Andrea Merkel remarked that they can no longer rely on the United States for anything and that they are completely on their own. Our democracy is unraveling before our eyes.

I've always been a Democrat because I agree with their policies and agenda more than I agree with the republicans point of view but this has nothing to do with policies. It has to do with the constitution and the foundation on which this country was built. The structure that our founders put together piece by piece is being dismantled by not only a madman but the misguided, frightened circle that rotates around him. I pray for their conscience to kick in but so far the ball hasn't dropped yet. They fear the madman and won't release those strings anchoring themselves to his rhetoric, lies and deception. They need to cut the ties, join the rest of America and do something to jointly build back and unite the country and force the monster and his family out of our lives and into oblivion.

So I implore you to vote! Vote as early as possible because that is the only tool that can force the monster back into his cave never to attack us or our democracy again. We are being attacked by the leader of the free world and we need to defend ourselves! So vote like your life depends on it because it does!