A Good Tech Person Understands Their Clients

Getting older presents challenges is many different ways. Not only do we have to deal with health issues but we also have to deal with the way younger people perceive us. We grow apart from the trends of the younger generation and cling to the things that we are comfortable with. One of those things is communication. This obvious skill doesn't seem to exist anymore in today's world. Talking has gone by the wayside replaced with the silent world of texts, often very basic texts consisting only of a word or two.

During my career, I've been a Business Services Manager, disc jockey, teacher, real estate agent, Operations Manager among some other positions. Even though I have a basic knowledge of computers and programs, I was never a programmer. As a user, I needed to know what systems can do not the complex intricacies that go on behind the scenes. That's where I need to rely on the experts in these fields and don't get me wrong, there are experts out there but the thing is, in my opinion they lack basic communications skills. They know the details and intricacies of these systems but have difficulty and patience communicating it to their clients.

This week, I noticed a glitch in the automation system that runs my online radio station. This was a situation that had no pattern and was really difficult for me to nail down. I know the software fairly well. It is well designed and powerful but I am not that familiar with the behind the scenes operation. I've been using this software for several years and believe me, I'm more familiar than lots of the newer users.

I contacted support to report the problem. I received a text asking for specific things like logs, and other files. I have never needed to produce these before. So I did the best I could to send these files. I began to get texts indicating that these are not what he needs.s I continued to ask for details like "where do I get the information?" " How should I send the files?"Etc. I kept getting one or two word texts which just kept frustrating me more. I finally sent him exactly what he asked for and wouldn't you know it, I get another text requesting more detail. There was no more detail that I could provide.

I then told him that I'm not a techie and don't understand exactly what he's looking for. This apparently insulted him and he sent me an detailed response basically telling me that the system is complex and if there is a problem it's because of something I (or a User) did. That insulted my intelligence. All I wanted to do is to get the problem solved. If I did something to cause the problem, I just wanted to know what it was.

Finally he gave me a link for him to log in to my system. In the middle of the session, everything stopped. My screen froze so I sent a text asking if he was finished? Was he still there? after awhile, screen still frozen, he sent me a quick text saying another emergency call came in and he would be back at some point. Couldn't he have just told me he had to take an emergency call and for me to hang on first? This way I wasn't sitting there like and idiot with a frozen screen not knowing whether he was finished or not. He finally told me that he corrected the problem with the one issue but never told me what to do or not to do going forward to prevent the problem again. I asked a few questions that I thought were legitimate ones that were never answered. So I thanked him and told him to have a good night. I got no response.

I left the session still a bit confused and feeling like I was an idiot. Wouldn't it been better if he said that he'd give me a call when he realized that I wasn't understanding the problem properly? There's nothing like person to person communication. This is my main frustration with any technical support.

At one point in my previous career, I wrote technical procedures. and I had to make sure that every single word that I wrote was understood by ALL users. I took the time to make sure they could perform any function that I wrote on their own. Person to person communication was essential.

I understand that we're living in a very fast paced world but the most frustrating thing for me is that people don't know how to communicate probably because communication takes too much time. As a user, I feel that the technical person for my radio automation software has developed a wonderful system, he is brilliant and I would recommend this software to anyone, In fact I always do but I dread when I have to contact him because I may have to go through what went through the past couple of days. A series of short texts with me guessing at what he was requesting. I would have preferred a phone call where I could explain the situation, ask questions, get a broader sense of the problem, and get a better understanding as to what caused the problem.

I went to bed feeling foolish last night so I really needed to write about it!