A New Day

Today, I woke up lighter, not physically but mentally lighter. I wasn't anxious to turn on the news to find out what additional horrors were playing out in our country but rather breathe a sigh of relief that we are now in the hands of capable, stable, trustworthy, knowledgeable leaders that will protect us and our democracy. A revolt at the Capitol, attempted takeover of our government resulting in the death of five people really pushed us to the brink of disaster.

It is amazing how these past four years have slowly gnawed at our emotions and plunged so many people into darkness and depression. I for one became more angry and pessimistic by the day. This all came to a head in September when a discussion of politics came up at a porch get together that I was hosting. My emotions got the best of me resulting in an argument which promptly ended our little event. I've also eliminated many people in my life during this time because I couldn't deal with the fact that they harbored everything that was plunging me into darkness.

The actions of such a divisive administration pushed our country to the brink of disaster but thank goodness, we have now turned the corner and I'm optimistic about the future. We could look forward to a vaccine and finally at some point get our lives back to normal.

The air is fresher today and calm is finally setting in. I look forward to good things happening in the near future and returning to a sense of normalcy. We still have a major job to do, We need to stamp our white supremacy and racism in our country and this will be no easy task but with this new administration, we will take baby steps each day toward this goal.

It is indeed a new day!