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A System Backup is Necessary

When running an internet station you must realize that there will be times that you must turn off the main computer airing your content. This is necessary for windows updates and various other reasons. Once monthly, Windows schedules updates and we never like them but we must do them.

I received an update notice this morning so being that it was early, I decided to not schedule the update but run it immediately. I have several backups. Two computers containing

the automation system and programming on a cloud. I decided for times sake that I would just shut the main computer down, do the updates and run the station from the cloud. Now the cloud is not the same as our live programming. There is really no processing, or tight segues but the station stays on the air and that's the main thing, keeping the station on the air. The update took about 20 minutes and we were back to live programming.

In order to keep your computer healthy, it's important to run the updates but always make sure that there is a backup plan. Add the monthly updates as part of your maintenance plan!

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