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A Very Unique Stray From Format

On Friday, I aired a political statement which ran most of the day. I expressed how the assault on our Democracy and violent domestic terrorists affected me personally and affected Edgewater Gold Radio. Lots of you agreed with my feelings but there were a few who criticized me for airing a political statement on a music station.

Now - let me be clear---Edgewater Gold Radio will never be a political platform. One of the reasons why I don't air news is that I don't want to interrupt our listeners experience.

Considering the events of the past week and the devastating attack that took place on Wednesday, I felt it necessary to air my point of view and how it personally affected me and the radio station. One other purpose and I will be clear, is that I wanted everyone who supported this disgraceful act to be shamed.

Edgewater Gold Radio is a station that values Democracy and I will always defend it!

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